Valadian Five Point Mobile Management Solution


  • Strategy & Design

    • Policy enforcement

    • Roaming procedures & alternative solutions

    • Best-in-class procurement

  • Concierge Service

    • Dedicated point of contact

    • 24hr Moves/Adds/Changes

    • Customized analytics

  • Vendor Management

    • Client Advocate

    • Carrier pricing reviews

    • Dispute resolution

  • Visibility & Control

    • Monthly management reports

    • Continuous cost monitoring 

    • Case/ticket tracking

  • Savings

    • Multi-point account checklist

    • Monthly plan optimization

    • Improved internal productivity


Vendor and OS neutral

The fastest growing segment in communications today is wireless technology, encompassing both cellular and WiFi enabled devices. Mobility is creating new opportunities for marketing, employee productivity and business process improvements. The possibilities are limitless, but as with any technology, the risks can be as great as the potential. Valadian Mobile Management Service provides support, benchmarking, security and integration with the systems and business processes in an organization.


A few challenge questions to assess if you should consider outsourcing the management of your mobile assets?


  • How do you validate that you have the most cost effective plans in place and compare favorably to your peers?  

  • How would you handle the situation where one of your mobile devices is lost or stolen?

  • ​How does your spending benchmark to your peers?

  • Are you satisfied you have deployed appropriate security measures?

  • How does your mobile management strategy compare with peers and competition?

  • How do you track and report on support cases?

  • If a team member/s are on vacation, who backs up your support requirements?

  • How do you accomplish transparency and accountability for usage?

  • How would you evaluate a BYOD strategy?

Exceptional Mobile Management Outsource Solution

Valadian delivers everything you need in a Mobile Management solution.

Mobile Management Essentials​

  • Professional outsourced solution

  • End-to-end mobile management support

  • Control costs

  • Re-focus internal assets

  • Management reporting and analytics

  • Dedicated support assets

  • 24hr SLA

  • Vendor Advocacy

  • Policy & compliance development

Complete Mobile Management
  • Detailed Audit

    • Plans, usage, device mix, service deployment

  • Opportunities

    • Expense reduction

    • Improved functionality

    • Implementation of approved changes

  • Ongoing

    • Device/plan optimization

  • Management reporting

    • Cost allocation, usage, expense chargebacks

Packages do not include Managed MDM.  Mobile Management services can be provided on a month-to-month basis with a four month initial commitment.  Term and volume discounts are available.


Contact Valadian to discuss how our Mobile Management Solution can be tailored to your objectives and requirements.

Mobile Management Solution Packages

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